For Skin, Hair, and Overall Health Benefits, Collagen is the Thing — and This is the Best I Have Tried

Alli Covington (Photo Courtesy of Smarter San Diego)

Disclosure: This story is from Alli Covington, the health and fitness expert at the helm of The BOD Company, that provides elite training, wellness and beauty advice. The story includes an affiliate link. If readers purchase products through this link, Alli may receive a small commission.

From Alli Covington: I’ve had lots of opportunities over the decades of being in the fitness and wellness space to try products and give my opinion, which I rarely do. I’m pretty skeptical of the whole supplement industry to begin with, but there’s a good reason for that skepticism. You see, I was premed undergrad and biochemistry was my favorite class because it taught me the actual metabolic pathways. So, as a result, most supplements sound good, but don’t deliver anything more than what you can get from the grocery store on your plate.

So when I was asked to try Vasayo’s collagen I said I would because of who was asking me, even though I liked the simple bovine collagen I can pick up for $12/can at my local grocery store.

It was after only 1 “cycle” of this tasty collagen wrapped in this pretty little pouch that I realized this was different. First thing I noticed is, having started in right before Christmas, that I didn’t have dry skin or hair all winter. That’s a huge win for a fair-skinned lady like me.

Second thing that intrigued me is that you only take it 10 days out of the month….whaaaa? I’ve never heard of such a supplement. But why? More on that in a minute…

Third thing I noticed is my hair was filling in faster than ever, which is great news because my hair grows at a snail’s pace since my last baby was born 3 1/2 years ago, and I’ve been desperate not look like an old woman with thin hair. So, that’s a big win for me!

Then I asked to have the Chief Science Officer on my podcast, BODcast with Alli & Chris, so I could ask all my pressing questions about WHY it’s only 10 days a month and so on and this is what floored me….

The technology that Vasayo uses to deploy the collagen is specific to bypass the digestive system for a number of reasons, (all of which you can get on the episode of the BODcast), the most significant to me and my clients is this: it gets absorbed in the esophagus and doesn’t contribute to plaque in the arteries. I was FLOORED. “Wait, what? So, is this why meat gets blamed for what the collagen did?” Was my response. Yep, that’s right. Collagen helps build the plaque in your arteries…let that sink in a moment.

Beleza before and after results, after 7 days

Well, he “had me at hello” with that little tidbit. I’m extremely interested in improving my client’s lives in every way and would hate it if one of my recommendations lead to something bad for them. That’s why I’m extremely careful with products that I recommend or put on my shop. I have to understand the underlying science behind it, or I don’t endorse it. Lots of companies tend to use big words and dance around with fancy verbiage to confuse the consumer and make their product sound like it’s the best. I don’t fall for that. So, when I say I like something, it’s because it’s the only product of its kind that does what they say it does.

I like it so much, I got myself more of it and I’ll give it to my clients :) — and am no able to provide it to you directly as well, via this link.



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