‘Hue and Me’: The Unexpected Rules for Turning Our Homes into Havens

Author and Designer Denny Daikeler and her newest edition: “Hue & Me”

Author and designer Denny Daikeler is responsible for a national awakening on the importance of our homes and the connection between our homes and our hearts. She begins with a simple question: “What’s your favorite object?”

I have…

Rick Jordan, CEO & Founder of ReachOut Technology, speaker and author, and national authority on cybersecurity, business, and ethics.

Tips for Life’s Hardest Moments as an Entrepreneur

The events of 2020 are behind us. The “new normal” has brought entrepreneurs some blessings, efficiencies, and surprising economies. The upheaval has accelerated markets such as e-commerce, video conferencing, and touchless payments and deliveries to a new level (has anybody not noticed…

Millennials Should Focus on Social Consciousness and Their Global Carbon Footprint

Scott White, CEO IGS Energy | Image courtesy of IGS Energy

2020 has undoubtedly been a year full of heartache, depression, and loss. …

Credit: TransylvaniaNow.com. Romanian nationalists break into the WWI Austro-Hungarian military graveyard in Úz valley, Transylvania. (MTI/Nándor Veres)

This article is an editorial by my dear friend and family member Eszter Kaganovskiy. She is a Transylvanian, Romanian born concert violist, artist manager, rare violin investment consultant and humanitarian. Here is her story:

Recently, anxiety between Romanians and minority Hungarians has erupted over a WWI and WWII era Austro-Hungarian…

The Exit Club, an invitation-only network for serial entrepreneurs and investors, is opening its April 2019 event to all who would like to attend for an exclusive presentation on the applied uses of Blockchain in business.

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summitwill commence on April 11, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to…

Made in Utah; Accelerated by Silicon Slopes (L-R Jason Caldwell, Rod Sturgis, Lyle Ball)

When we spot a “startup gazelle” — an agile, fast growing company — we sometimes think ,“How did they do that overnight?” But there’s always more to the story.

Some of Utah’s greatest technology stories begin with founders who met in college (or skipped the university phase altogether), driven by…

Cheryl Snapp Conner

Cheryl Snapp Conner is founder and CEO of SnappConner PR and creator of Content University™. She is a popular speaker, author and columnist.

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